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Welcome to the Association of Arab Universities platform for faculty members of Arab universities.

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About us

Pineapple The Faculty Platform (FSP) is one of the key services introduced by the Association of Arab Universities (AArU). The platform is free of charge for all members, and The AArU remains committed to the service of our esteemed universities and all academic and research personnel. All faculty members must provide a valid university email during the registration process.

Platform at a Glance

The Association of Arab Universities Faculty Platform (FSP main objective is to bring all Arab faculty members and scientists of various disciplines and specialties into one platform, where faculty members may present and demonstrate their research achievements, academic & industrial experience, educational background, research project funding, and consultancy history. The platform shall enable universities, institutions, industries, and government and non-government agencies to solicit appropriate faculty and scientists’ expertise through the platform for recruiting, collaboration in international projects, consultancy in private and public sectors, and education quality enhancement. The AArU Faculty Platform is a free platform, which remains committed to equal opportunities, human integrity, non-discriminatory actions of any kind or shape, and neutrality.

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